So joyful you are here!

Join me as I tell you about how my journal journey began…

Even as a child, I remember always loving to express myself through writing.

Putting pen to paper was something that came easily to me. It allowed me to go somewhere alone with my emotions.

Writing and journaling took me out of my dark moments over and over again.

It was 1996, I was in my early twenties and the struggles in my marriage had become real. I began to journal as a way of escape.  In those pages, I poured out my frustration, my fears, and my failures.  My journal became a place where I would pour out the emotions that stirred within me.  As I wrote about my inner turmoil, all I could do was hope that God was listening.

Also around this time, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  As I endured months of radiation, I decided to write letters to my young son.  I did not believe I would be around for long and I wanted my son to know how much I loved him.  I wanted him to get to know me in my journal entries.

Years passed, and I was still here!

I know now that God kept me here.  When my daughter was born, my journal entries evolved into sharing my thoughts, hopes and dream for both of my children.

With each entry, I found myself connecting more and more to God.  I would ask Him why I was facing so many struggles.  I expressed my anger many times at my circumstances.  Still, I was very grateful for being alive.

Soon I began to close my entries with a prayer to God.

I was hooked!  Writing in my journals became my haven, my safe place.  My journal was the place I met up with God and emptied my heart and soul before Him.  In return with every prayer, He poured peace and joy into my heart.

It was like God had finally read through my journals and was there with me through all of the stages of my life. I began not only close my entries with prayer but started to open His word and seek Him more.

My greatest joy came from praying to my Heavenly Father through my journals. As I reached out to God in my journals, I knew that He heard me.  I sensed His presence covering me like a warm blanket.

Now more than 20 years later, praying, seeking and journaling has become the only way I have found true JOY in my battle with chronic illness for the last 8 years.

I am so grateful that when my days seem impossible with pain, infection, and lack of energy I have learned to surrender to my KING. I have learned to pray, seek and journal believing that in my pain and struggles, my God is intentional and purposeful.

I have sought Him and have allowed Him to comfort and give me strength regardless of my circumstances. Seeking His Joy has become a daily action that has kept me connected to something so much greater than myself.

In His presence, I have found an inward peace and contentment regardless of the situation. My writings and my prayers have brought me to this place right here where I can share with you the words God has placed in my heart.

Hopefully, within your heart, you will find His Joy through your journey too!


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